Why Cassa - Car Safe Box

In today’s scenario where there is a constant increase in crimes, everyone is concerned about safety, especially with valuable belongings. This concern increases while carrying valuables on trips and travels.


CASSA Features:

  • No modification needed in the Car.
  • You can fit it in the boot
  • Doesn’t occupy any boot space
  • Easley installation with a waterproof tighten knob
  • Sturdy built with Steel grade, IS-513 material
  • Double locking protection inside the car boot.
  • Top / Bottom anti-vibration pads
  • Ample space volumetric capacity 8.5 liters.


  • CASSA assists in safe guarding the valuables from theft \burglars
  • During the journey.
  • Parking area of commercial complex.
  • Apartment Parking.
  • Mishaps on the road.
  • Waiting in traffic signals etc.
  • Difficult to open to theft \ burglars.

Manufacturer by:

Bharat Automotive Pressings India Pvt Ltd. has design and manufacturing our own product as an accessory named CASSA- Car Safe Box, for cars, to keep our valuables securely in car’s Stephanie even when we are far away from our car.